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heavy zooo

by beehoover

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there is a thing we've got we call it solitude there is a thing we need we call it confidence and we tried and tried and tried - we failed and we fell into what we feared most shimmering in the darkness we see two moons we send rains of kisses to our solitude in bloom as an acknowledgement of my gratitude i'd like to offer you this in confidence i will sacrifice sacrifice myself if all cords break i hang myself up make hay while the sun shines many hands make light work in the light of our common will but it still looks like rain shimmering in the darkness we see two moons we send rains of kisses to our solitude in bloom
heavy zooo 04:07
out of my mouth smoke is rising high it's casting a cloud on you while you die i am a nine-headed sword swallowing dragon so you need ten swords to kill me i am an eagle flying high in the sky even if you shoot I won't die cause my wings are made of sacred steel sharp like a shiny knife so you will feel the cutting nose dive cutting your throat the blood is flowing it is so nice to live in the heavy zooo it is so nice
pain power 06:23
good is repaid with good bad with bad nothing will be forgotten time of retribution will come wishing welfare to those you love death to those you hate palm is weaker than a fist one single silk thread is weaker than a rope my neck is weaker than a rope true words are not beautiful beautiful words are not true efficiency does not persuade persuasion is not capable the more it works for others the more it has the more it gives to others the more it has like the rope is supporting the hanging man causes lie the pain
irön horse 01:07
kajdslkfa asdfasdf asdfaslkn lknlasd asdasdvas lksldnaldabds asdfalsdvasdvn alsdklaksvd
someone put a dead cat in my mouth with its head towards my esophagus so the tail is hanging out makes me stumble as I step on it someone put a rat into my ear gnawing its way through my hearing apparatus to finally nest in the great emptiness that lies behind someone exchanged my pillow for a mouldy camembert making my head feel all soft and furry and isolating it against the ten ton weight that's bumping against it permanently
here you are my retinue ingratiates itself watch out i might get dirty when you kiss my ring step aside all sunbeams want to serve their aim in life blink my crown isn't shiny enough to dazzle you like my greatness does i´m afraid you are no earthly use to anyone choke it up and spit my blue blood in the middle of your lovely face the sun drops the last inch of light falls all what remains is my immense grace i'm just here to pass through blessed are the poor in spirit but the kingdom of heaven is mine above the line it's just a small step for me one giant leap for mankind sorry we ain´t of a kind
i will have heaven and earth for my coffin and cover sun and moon will be my jewels stars and constellations my pearls the creation my funeral procession what do you want to add
i desert 06:49
i built a machine it's down in the cellar behind the potato boxes it's got a big red button and unsurpassed logic is programmed i built it from my old school books and from video tapes with scientific programmes it runs on philosophical essays and outstanding literary correspondence i have to take care of it until it's grown up and when the iron housing is finally going to burst i'll push that button and do you know what it'll say i desert
sound waves intrude your head compress your brain and force it down with a sonic boom to the middle of your body to form a triaxial hinge of sex oscillations and flexibility the lemon in your slim glass is shaking to the beat as you smash it down on the bar and leave it for the centre jerking swirling jacket sleeve caught in your trouser leg haircut style limbo contest participant now you dance like a volcano an aura of sparkling ashes moves like rolling lava enveloping everything
it was the year 1983 september 26th directly below cosmos 1382 to a casual observer looking down from space the snow and ice fields of the Arctic reached out toward the earth the curve of the earth compressed it into a thin line separating night and day stretched across the north pole deafening sound flashing light on this particular day something went wrong a red button may turn a blue planet into a black battered distressing into a despicable vile-smelling piece of shit you could have been addressed with deference instead you saved the world


released May 2, 2008


all rights reserved



beehoover Germany

Beehoover is a diy progressive sludge rock duo from Germany.

Beehoover is

Ingmar Petersen
bass and vocals

Claus-Peter Hamisch


2005 - A Mirror is a Window's End
2007 - The Sun Behind the Dustbin
2008 - Heavy Zooo
2010 - Concrete Catalyst
2013 - The Devil and his Footmen
2016 - Primitive Powers
2020 - Low Performer
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