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concrete catalyst

by beehoover

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oceanriver 06:37
in the valley full of pain between faded roses in a lake full of blood lies a broken heart the sun shines briefly the light jumps afterwards after the rain the kiss of the rainbow in the deep of the sea lies a lonely wreck seperates the loving dear from the broken heart clouds so gloomy and black as the night they block the view no way to the light for the messengers of love and the birds throw roses into the sea faded roses into the salty sea and thorns sting into the mourn until the crying eye is closing oh lord let it rain until the shores burst and give to the couple itself oh lord let it storm until the shores burst and give to the couple its love
i just wanna smash the world against the wall i wanna see it shatter and drown myself in the shards to put my sufferings on everybody to drench everything everywhere with my filthy blood swallow it my filthy blood you suppressed my needs for so long raise your pitchforks now this is a declaration of war and when the vultures pine for me for my fallen scruffy flesh i will piss down there fucking throats while they reap their fucking fruits
sultana 04:44
coming like cattle across an open field where scores of men were nothing but skin and bones a volcanic fury of thundering noise a shower of flaming coal shot into the night raining down on the crowded boat which in moments was engulfed in hellish flames too many man swam in the icy spring runoff or burned with the ship and died in mouring on their long way back home the burning wreckage began to drift slowly downriver and hundreds of men died they died in memphis sailors stood on the decks of u.s. navy gunboats they watched the reddish glow from that huge dying steamer that lit the northern sky
how nice it was when the light went out and we took out the old stove and we burnt grandma's rocking chair to heat the one room where we all cuddled together because it was so cold how funny it was when grandpa told stories from the war it was different then and everybody laughed when our kid drew on the wallpapers because we were so helpless and so alone how lovely it was to see my wife's face in the darkness illuminated by the candles we lit to see the cockroaches who'd ever have thought that we that we would have to realize who'd never have thought that we that we would have to realize because nothing really counts but this last moment
a poem 04:29
a poem without words written in nuts and bolts profound and meaningful of bright fire tails this all is so ignored and abused we fucking do not understand what we have achieved thousands lift their heads to follow their afflicted souls with slitted eyes grief is gone and penance done disappearing in sparkinly beauty an aggregation of whole mankind
deep snow sees i came the way this one this here is completely similar winter rest rest period development and offence i darkly stare gloomy dreams float over my head it lays on my heart heavily i renewed the wild geese yell
i don't fear the demons the dragons and black night with my fearless horse through frosty woods I ride hunting all this evil remaining unrevealed till finally the day will come when my fate will be sealed feel my sword oh mighty beast to end your evil path hear the incantations of faith hope love and wrath i murmur them as I kill you a prayer for your death a final squeak you fall and die so draw your final breath born a dragonfighter's son a king, a priest the chosen one
i skin myself this aged tissue from the inside this tremble is unbearable i wrap it up my think tank an useless gift from me to me i sent it out but i ran afterwards caught up and unpacked staggering by debility copy of the blood machine top left pump you bastard pump i know every beat i count them all i know every beat counted is bygone
trainer 07:10
so i'm going on a trip i pack my suitcase and i take with me the day my son lost his favorite toy when he came running in the need of comfort the painting i never gave the girl i loved as a five year old and a picture of how she looks today i don't want anyone to take them away my precious things will go with me on this great ride my mother's smile and the memories of sitting at the kitchen table my feet to short to touch the floor stuff i haven't cared for a long time it's time to dust it off now carefully i put them in protecting my few precious things for this last ride it's not much easily I sort them out i even can leave a little space for my soul as I will join them once i'll have started my journey one never completely goes something of him stays it has got its place i pack my suitcase this trip goes far i pack my suitcase with black and white cold and warmth sun and moon and love and hate i will die don't cry goodbye it's ok rust is painting my face like an indian


released September 17, 2010


all rights reserved



beehoover Germany

Beehoover is a diy progressive sludge rock duo from Germany.

Beehoover is

Ingmar Petersen
bass and vocals

Claus-Peter Hamisch


2005 - A Mirror is a Window's End
2007 - The Sun Behind the Dustbin
2008 - Heavy Zooo
2010 - Concrete Catalyst
2013 - The Devil and his Footmen
2016 - Primitive Powers
2020 - Low Performer
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